Innovation Labs Kick-Off

The Visual Methodologies Collective has been invited to contribute to the Innovation Labs program, led by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture.

The ongoing program ‘Climate Futures’ is an experiment in collaborating with AI to shed light on climate imaginaries.

Program page

We bring together researchers, experts, citizens and students in addressing local issues through participatory data practices.

Project Overview

‘All Gone’ Exhibition @ Floor

Stories and landscapes summoned from the future with the help of AI

The Urban Belonging Project

To design a more socially sustainable city, we long for more diverse and nuanced insights about how the city works as a space of belonging – not seen from the professional eyes of those who plan it, but from those who live in it.

Tune In, Fade Out

How can radio strengthen community identity and contribute to a sense of belonging?

Total Gaia – Listening to Trees Workshop

How can we sense and make sense of forests with devices, techniques and our bodies? How might we cultivate an interdisciplinary »arts of noticing« (Anna Tsing) for attending to forests and their role in critical zones?

Making Climate Futures

A one-week workshop and participatory exhibition

Discovering Climate Futures

A workshop with minor Designing User Research

Climate Futures workshops

From solapunk hi-tech archinatures, to the afrofuturist technocultural aesthetics of the self, to the idealised and fashionable rural life of cottagecore influencers, people are pushing online their own personal visions of what an ideal — or feared — future life on this planet could look like.

Tactical Visual Culture

New visual tools at the crossroads of artistic research, journalism, and data visualization.

Data Loom

Data physicalization of Slack interactions using weaving techniques.