How can we create anti-colonial approaches to AI?

The ongoing program ‘Climate Futures’ is an experiment in collaborating with AI to shed light on climate imaginaries.

Program page

The Urban Belonging Project

To design a more socially sustainable city, we long for more diverse and nuanced insights about how the city works as a space of belonging – not seen from the professional eyes of those who plan it, but from those who live in it.

Senses of Belonging

We bring together researchers, experts, citizens and students in addressing local issues through participatory data practices.

Project Overview

Workshop: Tongues, Tides and Textiles

Sensory-led making across the haptic divide.

Data Loom

Data physicalization of Slack interactions using weaving techniques.

The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology

What was making? What is making? What could making become? And what about unmaking? The Critical Makers Reader features an array of practitioners and scholars who address these questions.

Making Methods

In the Making Methods program we use critical making to explore the relationship between technology and society.