Addressing local issues through participatory data practices

Citizen Data Lab

The Citizen Data Lab is based at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries. As a research lab, we bring together researchers, designers, developers, artists, issue experts, citizens and students.
The lab address local issues through participatory data practices: methods, approaches and tools for co-creation to learn about and through data.

The code and designs from the Citizen Data Lab projects an be accessed via Github

Research Domains:

Participatory Mapping
The Citizens Data Lab develops tools and methods for the collaborative collection and analysis and interpretation of data. Their methods leverage contextual and tacit knowledge as well as expert knowledge of participants to build a nuanced, inclusive and shared understanding of data produced in a local context.

See some projects here:

Look! A Healthy Neighborhood
Mapping Dapperbuurt
Plot Party

Data collection together with Slotermeer residents

Community Empowerment
Open source tools and methods are developed, and disseminate insights to strengthen local bottom-up initiatives. The aim is to help communities create long term positive impact on the neighborhoods of Amsterdam and the city as a whole.

See some projects here:

Our Online Platforms
Citizen Empowerment Tools

Overview of Amsterdam Bottom-up initiatives

Data Awareness
The Citizen Data Lab builds tools, methods, design objects and art works to learn about the role and impact of data in our society. We share our tools and publications to empower communities and individuals alike.

See some projects here:

Miasma Fields at Amsterdam Light Festival
Crypto Design Awards

Artwork for the Amsterdam Light Festival