The Visual Methodologies Collective is collaborating with KNMI and other HvA faculties in a new intergenerational science communication project focused on rising sea-levels.

Researchers from four HvA faculties (Faculty of Digital Media and Creative IndustriesFaculty of Education, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law and Faculty of Technology) will work with KNMI and VOX College in Amsterdam to develop a teaching package with the aim of starting an intergenerational conversation about rising sea-levels.  Over the years and partly due to the building of the delta works, the idea that the Netherlands could be flooded has faded. Therefore, a teaching package is being developed that appeals to children’s imaginations.  The teaching package is aimed at children in the junior classes of secondary schools and will be tested at Vox College Amsterdam. 

The science communication project ‘after us the deluge’  has been awarded research funding from the Netherlands Science Agenda (NWA), a research program of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Students of the HvA minor Impact Storytelling have also been involved by focusing on the question: ‘How can an intergenerational conversation start between child and parent about the sea level rise?’ The students developed a 3D-printed map of the Netherlands and an interactive game to go with it. Students also developed a key ring with the idea that the target group often leaves keys in the parents’ sight. 

Further project outcomes and updates will be posted on this website over the coming months.