In the CAMERA project we work to develop a ‘citizen science’ approach where we use innovative visual, participatory research techniques together with young people to explore, understand and if needed change their so-called ‘eating environment’, mapping the food and drinks which are available in their living environment.

CAMERA focuses on young people / adolescents between 14 and 24 in New West, where overweight-related health problems occur more often than in the rest of Amsterdam. Young people and adolescents in the chosen age group are increasingly making independent food choices, and these are often unhealthier than their diet in early childhood. This is partly related to the food supply in the living environment and how this is experienced by the target group. In the CAMERA project we will develop and test a method together with these young people in their own living environment.

1)     Concept version of method for participatory mapping and interpretation of the eating environment of young people (with documentation in the form of e-book);
2)     Policy recommendations for concrete actions to improve the local eating environment;  
3)     Exhibition in Van Eesteren Museum for residents.

Project by Health and Environment Research and

Visual Methodologies Collective, in collaboration with Eigenwijks Foundation, Van Eesteren Museum, AAGG and RIVM. Supported by the Urban Vitality programme at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.