From 2018-2020, we worked with the Digital Society School’s Data-Driven Transformation track on four semester-long projects that address climate change communications, climate movements and online climate (mis)information. 

Track owners: Wouter Meys and Margreet Riphagen
Transformation designer & coach: Carlo De Gaetano
Method mentor: Sabine Niederer
Project partners: Climate Cleanup and Re>Set

Spring 2020: Climate (Mis)information

Team: Tian Breznik, Francesco Calvetti, Qianyu Feng, Karthika Kannan. Coach: Carlo De Gaetano.

Fall Semester 2019: Climate Protest Movements

Team: Robert Carr, Orestis Ioannidis, Manlio Massimetti. Coach: Carlo De Gaetano.

Spring Semester 2019: Climate Change Communications

Team: Li-Hsin Chang, Jessica Ciucci, Linda Sophie Nisslbeck, AJ Magee, Valentina Todorova. Coach: Carlo De Gaetano.

Fall Semester 2018: Climate Change Solutions

Team: Andy Dockett, Namrata Babu, Mokhtar Hussein. Coach: Carlo De Gaetano.