The Visual Methodologies Collective will be presenting their latest research into climate futures at the Conflux festival which takes place in Rotterdam next week. Conflux is a new festival that focuses on multi-sensory encounters, pressing issues, contemporary art, and experimental music. The festival runs from Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5. The festival’s central theme is ‘Exit Human,’ which will be addressed in exhibitions, performances, presentations, and a conference.

The conference will last two days (3 and 4 June), with the first day focusing on the future of post-anthropogeny and artificial intelligence and the second day focusing on ecological issues and climate change.

Andy Dockett and Janine Armin of the Visual Methodologies Collective will present the new Climate Futures program on Saturday, June 4th. The Climate Futures Program includes All Gone, a project that uses artificial intelligence to imagine our future climate (AI). Researchers and designers from the Visual Methodologies Collective collaborated with AI to co-author climate future parables and co-design accompanying images. Janine Armin will perform a live reading of All Gone during the conference.

For students and employees of the HvA there is a special 25% discount on conference tickets by using the code CONFERENCE_KORTING001 on the Conflux Festival website.