Studio Encounters on Water

13 & 14 April
13:00 – 17:00

The ongoing program ‘Climate Futures’ is an experiment in collaborating with AI to shed light on climate imaginaries.

Program page

Senses of Belonging

We bring together researchers, experts, citizens and students in addressing local issues through participatory data practices.

Project Overview

Climate Imaginaries at Sea: Reflections on Water

Warming Up Festival – October 2022

A Visit to Emma at DDW

Students from the Master of Digital Design (MDD) program at HvA have been selected to showcase their work at  Dutch Design Week.

Speculative Landscaping

Visual Methodologies Collective to give climate imaginaries workshop at Society 5.0 Festival

Climate Imaginaries at Sonic Acts Biennial 2022

The Visual Methodologies Collective to co-host exchange between artistic research practices around climate imaginaries

After us the deluge

The Visual Methodologies Collective in new collaboration with KNMI on sea-level rise education project

Innovation Labs Kick-Off

The Visual Methodologies Collective has been invited to contribute to the Innovation Labs program, led by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture.

Turning to Birds @ Cannes Festival

Short film co-produced by Zikzira Physical Theatre and Visual Methodologies Collective wins award

Climate Futures Program @ Conflux Festival

Visual Methodologies Collective to present Climate Futures Program in Rotterdam.

‘All Gone’ exhibition @ Green Weeks 2022

The HvA and UvA Green Weeks were launched on Thursday 21 April 2022 with the exhibition ‘All Gone’.

‘All Gone’ Exhibition @ Floor

Stories and landscapes summoned from the future with the help of AI