The mobile app Snappthis is a concept developed to show and learn how people can be engaged in creative thinking and critical reflection through collaborative image creation.

When two or more people discuss the meaning of an image they try to figure out something together. Differences in perception about values, behaviors and life can be defined, compared and eventually understood. This process of contextualization and reflection is relevant for groups in various settings, such as lecturers with their students or local urban communities. The ultimate goal of this project is to support people to reflect upon images and learn from each others views on the world.

How does it work?
The photo mind maps (snappmaps) are created collaboratively, based on a textual prompt – this can be a word or a short sentence. Group members receive an invite on their phones to add a snapp (photo) of their interpretation of the textual prompt, within a specified time frame. All group members can view and like the snapps. Snappthis aims to be social, playful and accessible.

By using Snappthis as a research tool within different contexts we try to find out how we can best facilitate creative thinking and critical reflection. We’ll focus on suitable methodologies, effective interfaces and ways to interpret the personal, visual data.

We encourage researchers and research groups to use Snappthis for their research. Please contact Marije ten Brink for collaboration.