The Visual Methodologies Collective has been working with ImagineIC on their latest exhibition Tune In, Fade Out, which takes a look at the rich history of local media-making in and around the Bijlmer neighbourhood in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

The exhibition takes us from the pirate radio stations of the 1970’s all the way to the podcasts and digital radio stations of today to understand how the practice of making and listening to radio can strengthen community identity and contribute to a sense of belonging.

As part of this exhibition the Visual Methodologies Collective have created a Research Station where they have collected together reading materials and participatory exercises giving visitors the chance to take  a closer look at their own listening needs and those of the local community.

The Tune In, Fade Out Research Station

Included in the Research Station are materials and exercises developed during a series of workshops held at ImagineIC by the Visual Methodologies Collective. Workshop participants were challenged to think through the broader issue of auditory culture in Amsterdam-Zuidoost and from there derive specific lines of enquiry to deepen their understanding of the topic. The outcomes of these workshops can be explored at the Research Station, where its various drawers contain research materials for each line of inquiry.

Workshop participants record their journeys through the Bijlmer neighbourhood at the Research Station

Also on show at the Research Station are the results of a collaboration between the Visual Methodologies Collective and students of the HBO-ICT: Software Engineering bachelor at HvA. Five teams of students were tasked with creating a web application that can be used to record and share audio field recordings in an easy and intuitive way.  The five web apps created by the students are now live and can be accessed in the exhibition space.

Visual Methodologies Collective artistic research fellow Femke Dekker will be giving a workshop on DIY radio to MBO students as part of the educational program that accompanies the Tune In – Fade Out exhibition. Femke is the latest addition to the Visual Methodologies Collective and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from her ongoing  practice in the arts and the media.

Tune In – Fade Out will be open to the public during normal visiting hours at Imagine IC until summer 2022.