From 29 May – 31 May 2023 academics, researchers, and practitioners will gather in Rome for the  International Visual Methods Conference (IVMC). The IVMC, which is held every two years, aims to encourage more discussion in the field of visual methods, both theoretically and practically. 

This year, Carlo De Gaetano and Andy Dockett of the Visual Methodologies Collective will be giving a workshop on future visions of sea level rise. Participants will be invited to an exercise of speculative landscaping on possible views of Italy in 2070. Starting from still images from videos preserved by the Sound and Vision archive, participants will be invited to complete the landscape by thinking of what could be happening in future scenarios. Starting from hand-drawn sketches, participants will give them new life by experimenting with the latest features of DALL-E 2, a text-to-image AI model. 

The speculative landscape workshop is part of the Climate Futures project where the Visual Methodologies Collective (AUAS) and its partners explore the ways in which creative inquiry might reveal people’s present hopes, anxieties, and visions for a world with a changing climate.