On 18 September 2018, Sabine Niederer held her inaugural address as newly appointed professor of Visual Methodologies at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries.

The publication can be downloaded as a pdf here.

A video registration of the talk can be viewed here.


Every second, a tremendous number of images is being uploaded and viewed online. These images become ‘networked’ when users like, share, comment or tag them, and also when platforms and engines format, filter, feed and recommend them to others.Each platform and engine handles images in distinct ways, thereby revealing platform-specific technicities. Both the networkedness and technicity of online images call for an approach attuned to the medium. Networked image research not only examines platform dependencies but also develops and designs images for research. These visualizations may be research protocol diagrams as well as maps for navigating and grouping content. Visualization and mapping practices guide researchers, designers, programmers, students and issue experts in their learning, analysis and public participatory work. In her inaugural lecture, Sabine Niederer presents visual methodologies that take into account the contemporary state of digital images and demonstrates how visualizations may be put to use for collaborative research.

Lecture by:
Sabine Niederer

Federica Bardelli,
Gabriele Colombo,
Carlo de Gaetano. 

Bibi Veth