In December of 2018, the Visual Methodologies Collective worked with AMFI, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, to map its online presence and compare it to the aims and values of the institute.

The mapping looked at how AMFI presents itself on the Web, as well as on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with the aim to fuel an internal conversation about AMFI’s current state and its priorities for the future.

The results of the mappings were part of an internal workshop for AMFI faculty and staff on 18 December 2018.

After a presentation of the results of the mapping, the participants were invited to ‘talk back to the maps’.

This meant not only interpreting and discussing the outcomes of our mappings, but also directly annotating the visualisations with everyone’s insights, comments, things to keep, things to change, preferred outcomes for the future, priority areas et cetera.

a. Web content word clouds. Course pages text analysis
“Which words should be more prominent? Which words should we never use again? Which words are missing?
b. Most engaging Facebook posts
“Describe why these posts say something important about AMFI? What’s missing? Create that post”
c. Twitter most mentioned users’network
“Which users should be mentioned more? Which users are missing?”
d. Most retweeted tweets
“Which tweets say something important about AMFI?
What’s missing? Create the tweet
e. Top #Hashtags
“Which hashtags should be more prominent Which hashtags should we never use again? Which hashtags are missing?”

f. Instagram, most engaging content.
“Does it scream AMFI? Vote yes with a sticker (yellow dot) Discuss why the images spark engagement. Add your comments”
g. Discussion points session
“Give input for the discussion and if you agree add a sticker“

AMFI’s faculty and staff

Sabine Niederer
Loes Bogers
Federica Bardelli
Carlo de Gaetano