Join us at the Material Playground, a space dedicated to exploring new making practices, where art, technology, and participatory methods converge. Inspired by Carlo de Gaetano’s series of AI generated images Queer as the Ocean, we invite you to explore new tactile experiences that seek to soften the boundaries between the human and nonhuman, the virtual and the material.

At this first Material Playground, Tongues, Tides and Textiles, we ask: can sensory-led making help us gain a better understanding of our own haptic desires and guide us through the process of creating tactile new experiences?

We will begin the session with somatic excersises to open our senses to the world of Queer as the Ocean. We will then use combined textile techniques including applique, patchwork and embroidery to experiment with visual and tactile experiences developed from a wide range of materials.

Workshop Details:

1 Session, 27th of June. 10am-1pm
Location: Tuinhuis, Tolhuistuin.
Maximum number of Participants: 20
No previous experience required.
Convened by Andy Dockett and Pamela Nelson (Visual Methodologies Collective)
Reserve your spot: